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Duxo Team

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Co-Founder & CFO

Chief of Policy

Mak Nurkić Kačapor (He/Him)

Mak Nurkić Kačapor is the Founder & CEO of DUXO. Mak is a student and competitive swimmer in Washington, DC. A first-generation American whose family is from the ex-Yugoslavia region, the issue of landmines was always a presence in his childhood summer visits to Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia. With the help of his peers and fellow solution-seekers, Mak founded DUXO to provide an attainable solution to this forgotten problem, and bring landmines back to the table for discussion amongst new generations like his own. 

Justin Yang (He/Him)

Justin Yang is a co-founder of the DUXO project as well as a student at Walt Whitman High School in Bethesda, Maryland. Justin joined the DUXO project after researching the landmine problem in countries he's visited and recognizing a global issue that wasn't receiving the attention it warranted. Together with the DUXO team, Justin is inspired by working on this powerful problem with a concrete solution. Outside of DUXO, Justin is also on his school's varsity debate and tennis teams.

Charlotte Weir (She/Her)

Charlotte Weir, is the Chief of Policy at Duxo. She is also a 12th-grade student at The Whittle School and Studios and loves to study topics related to human rights law, international policy, climate change, and language. Her goal is to move through the world with empathy, kindness, and courage, collaborating to solve global and domestic issues effectively and efficiently. She believes removing landmines from the Earth is one of the most important issues regarding human rights. At DUXO she hopes to encourage global conversation and action around the topics of landmines and human rights through cooperation-based communication. 

Manager of Fundraising

Chief of Communications & Design

Social Media Manager

Keaton Anderson (He/Him)

Keaton Anderson is the manager of fundraising at the DUXO Project. Outside of DUXO, Keaton is the CEO of Zayah Streetwear. Keaton joined DUXO because he believed the mission was unique and tackling a problem that was often overlooked, and wanted to use his passions and interests to contribute. Keaton believes that it is important to look not only at the big issues, but also the issues—like landmines—that don't see as much coverage, as they might affect everyone yet be solvable when we work together.

Daryn Fling (She/Her)

Daryn Fling is an 11th grade student from the greater Washington, D.C. area. Attending Whittle School and Studios, many of her interests are in the humanities and graphic design. Outside of school, Daryn enjoys calligraphy and growing produce in her at-home garden. At DUXO she aspires to inform the public of the importance of removing land mines in an engaging and elucidative manner. She hopes her role makes DUXO’s critical message accessible, bringing about change and advocacy.

Devin Thompson (She/Her)

Devin Thompson is the Social Media Manager at DUXO. In 11th grade, as a founding student at Washington, D.C.'s Whittle School & Studios, she is a creative, eclectic self-starter with experience and a passion for public relations and media management. Using her upbringing in cosmopolitan Washington, D.C., she strives to use her networking abilities to spread DUXO's message to a broader audience.

Our story

Our Mission

To educate the public on the afflictions caused by landmines to a large part of human society, and to design an efficient, accurate, and robust drone solution to landmine detection, in order to increase efficiency, effectiveness, and ensure safety in the demining industry.

Our Vision

A planet and society free from the afflictions of landmines and Explosive Remnants of War.